Tuesday, August 5, 2008

THe Pigman, by Paul Zindel

lorraine, and John are making prank calls to any random number in the phone book when Lorraine makes a phone call to Angelo Pignati. Lorraine described herself as a charity program for herself and John and asked for a ten dollar donation to help them out. Mr. pignati agreed, then offered them to come over. They went over and found that his wife had passed away. They noticed that he looked very lonely so they became very good friends with him. They ended up having alot of fun and went to his house alot, until one night, "the pigman", as they called him because of the pigs he and his wife used to collect until she passed away, Mr. pignati was on his way back from the hospital after having a heart attack, and John didn't know so he threw a party. The kids ended up breaking all of the pigmans pigs and mr. pignati passed away, a day later. John and lorraine were very sad and depressed.
I loved reading this bokk. it was fun and had alot of irony.
4 Stars,

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