Thursday, August 7, 2008

Things Not Seen, by Andrew Clements

I have recently read the great book Things Not Seen by the consistently fun author Andrew Clements.
This book is about a boy named Bobby who, one day, becomes invisible. One day he’s there, the next he’s not; there’s no explanation.
Bobby’s father insists, however, that everything has a cause and he searches ceaselessly for an answer.
Along the way there are many perils and problems such as the fact that if Bobby wishes to go about in public without drawing attention he must go completely naked.
As the plot unfolds and the authorities start searching for Bobby (who has been deemed “missing”) everything hangs on the hope that what ever happened to Bobby will unhappen before the police arrest Bobby’s parents.
This book is truly worth a read.
4 stars,

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  1. Hi, I read that book too....4 years later. Love it! Bobby and Alicia make a good couple!