Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fear Street, by R.L. Stine

Okay.We're talking high school.A nice high school with football players and beautiful cheerleaders.A girl name Courtney,a nerdy girl,she's a teachers pet,was ran over by Brittany and her friend Megan.Megan and Brittany accidently made a medicine that brings anything back to life.Earlier Brittany and Megan was toying around with chemicals in science lab,and they discovered a formula that brings people back to life,and they didn't know until they gave a dead frog some and the frog began moving with life,and ate all of the other frogs.When Britt and Meg ran Courtney over after a dramatic party,they gave Courtney the medicine,and when she came back,she wanted to kill......Brittany and Megan for bringing her back to life.And Courtney couldn't and wouldn't die no matter what.But Brittany got her so angry and angry until Courtney blew u and died,the way the vicious frog did.It's a nice book you really will like it if you read it.
4 Stars,

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