Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bloodline, by Katy Moran

Essa has lived on the road and horseback, traveling with his
father Cai. They sing and play music in exchange for lodging,
food and trinkets. Essa has lived like this for 9 years and knows
nothing different; so when his father abandons him, leaving him
with his foster aunt, Essa is angry and resentful. For years Essa
hopes that Cai will return for him, but as every year passes he
believes less and less. In time he becomes use to village life and
having tight bonds with people, animals and the land. But with
war brewing between his people, the Wolf Folk, and their sworn
enemy, Essa finds himself in the middle of complex power plays.
His king's brother sends Essa on a dangerous mission to
infiltrate the enemy's camp, where Essa is recruited to be
bodyguard to the enemy king's son.

I liked this book. Essa and the other characters are interesting
and unique, each with their own voice. I don't think I had ever
read a historical fiction book set in the times of the Anglo-
Saxons, and this was definitely an encouraging first foray into
this subject.
5 stars,

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