Monday, August 3, 2009

Travel Team, by Mike Lupica

You may think that this book is about basketball, but actually
it is about teens pursuing their goals. The protagonist, Danny,
has been short for his entire life but that never stopped him
from playing basketball. When he tries out for the 7th grade
travel team, he plays brilliantly but because of his height (4’7”)
he is told that he is too short. After failing to make the team,
he is down in the dumps and stops playing basketball for a
while. His father, who had been a basketball star before he
started drinking, creates another 7th grade travel team. At
first, the kids on his team don’t think they are a real team, but
they soon gel and become one of the best teams in the league.
If you have a goal that seems impossible, this book will show
you how one boy achieved his goal. I really enjoyed this book.
4 stars,

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  1. yea i've read it but check out the sequel summer ball