Thursday, August 6, 2009

Little (Grrl) Lost, Charles De Lint

This book is about two girls, T.J. who's family just moved from
the country to the suburbs and Elizabeth, a six inch tall blue
haired Little. When T.J. hears noises in the walls she assumes it
is just mice. However she soon learns that Elizabeth and her
family are living in house as well. The two girls become friends
despite their differences, but when the two of them are going to
a book signing by an author who may know about the Littles T.J.
is attacked by a group of boys and her backpack (with Elizabeth
inside) is stolen. Elizabeth is swept in to a world she is
completely unfamiliar with and T.J. keeps trying to find her.

I really liked this book. The writing is quick and light, but it still
manages to make a detailed world and great characters. I highly
recommend it to fantasy lovers.
5 stars,

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