Monday, August 3, 2009

Sea of Trolls, by Nancy Farmer

The Sea of Trolls is a very thick book, although that is slightly
deceiving because the font size is rather large. When I first
started reading this book, I thought that the events were weird,
and I didn't like any of the characters. It took me more than
halfway through the book before I decided that I could accept
what was happening in the story, although it took me a several-
month gap before I picked up the book after having dropped it
in the quite dull middle. The pace at the end of the book picked
up, although the story wasn't quite believable, and I ended up
putting the book down thinking that it wasn't TERRIBLE. In
general, I thought the whole thing with the life force and bards
was too much for me, with Jack pulling up fire and feeling the
heartbeat of the earth... that's too weird for me. This book is a
waste of time for anyone to read; the best thing that I can say
for it is that it was fun to make fun of it with my siblings.
2 stars,

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