Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Skellig, by David Almond

i think it is a realy good book and i really recomend it to others and once you have read the first chapter you really want to read on.
5 stars,


  1. I'll just post this again since there was another review for Skellig as well...Anyway, this was, by far, one of the most AMAZING books that I have ever read... In the story, Michael is an emotionally hurt child. His beloved newborn sister may die very soon due to a "faulty" heart. Michael has just moved to a new home, and the other children are hostile and aggresive toward him--he is alone. Then, he meets Skellig: a dark mass of a creature with a craggy, morose personality and crumpled wings. After Michael finally finds a friend in his neighbor Mina, a young home-schooled girl, the two work together caring for the diseased Skellig (for example, feeding him bits of Chinese takeout), who gradually grows stronger and younger! So when Michael's baby sister succumbs to a near death state and all hope seems to be lost, a miracle occurs, and the name which Michael and his parents picked for the baby is a satisfying "last surprise" in the book. The writing in this story is extremely deep and thought-provoking--it really makes you think of the true values of life... I thouroughly enjoyed it!

    A definite 5-star book!
    Stephanie, 13

  2. I love this book so much I've bought it in every cover and the covers have drawn in my attention my teacher got us to judge this book by it's cover and I knew that the cover was nothing compare to the actual story line but I've counted how many times I've read this book and it's been more 50!!! I read it at night in the day at school anywhere!!!!!!!!