Thursday, August 6, 2009

Shadow Kiss, by Richelle Mead

This is the third book of a series, so start with the first book
(Vampire Academy) if you want to read it.

Rose is a dhampir, a half vampire, she is also her best friend's
guardian. Her best friend is Vasilisa Dragonmir, a vampire with
royal blood. It is Rose's job to protect Lissa at any cost. Right
now that cost is the man she loves. Rose has fallen for Dimitri
Belikov, one of the best guardians in the world and Rose's
teacher. Although he feels the same way about her, it wouldn't
be safe for them to be together. It would be too risky for Lissa,
if one of them got distracted by an attack on the other it might
be too late to save Lissa from another attack.

This series kind of bugs me, there is almost no character growth
and the characters seem stereotypical and rather boring after a
little while. The writing, while not brilliant isn't too bad and I
enjoyed the first book back when I read it. But this book just fell
flat for me, it felt like nothing had happened, no plot
developments or character developments. Very predictable plot.
2 stars,

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  1. for exactly, how many books are there for the Vampire Academy series?