Thursday, August 13, 2009

Star Trek: Voyager: The Murdered Sun, by Christie Golden

When Voyager's sensors show that there might be a wormhole
nearby the crew is very excited, this might be their chance to
get back home! However when they arrive they find a very
strange phenomenon, a half collapsed wormhole inside a
strangely weak black hole, sucking an unnaturally high amount
of matter out of a nearby star.

To make matters worse a alien race lives on the star's planet,
which is being slowly destroyed by the forces of the strange
combination of space anomalies. The race is space faring, but
not evolved to a level where the laws of Starfleet allow them to
help. This puts Voyager's crew in a dreadful position.

I really like Christie Golden's Star Trek books, she nails the
characters and comes up with interesting plots. This is her first
ST novel and is not as polished as her later books, mostly the
pacing feels a bit off at times. However overall I really liked it.
Definitely a good book for a Voyager fan.

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