Friday, August 14, 2009

Buffy theVampire Slayer: Blackout, by Keith R.A. DeCandido

Instead of focusing on Buffy, this book mostly follows Nikki, a
vampire slayer in NYC during the '70's. New York City is vamp
heaven, crowed people living in poor housing plus some of their
kills are thought to be the work of the serial killer, Son of Sam.
Nikki fights crime and kills vamps while trying to keep her son
safe. But when Spike comes to town after a fight with Drusilla he
has only one thing on his mind, killing the Slayer.

This is a really good book, the only Buffy book I have read so far
that is five star. DeCandido is a great author, and he totally
"gets" the characters. Spike's character in particular is truly dead
on. DeCandido did a great job taking the character of Nikki, who
we only see briefly in the series, and making an entire book
about her.

5 stars emme

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