Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dramacon: Vol. 2 by Svetlana Chmakova

Christie's second anime convention seems like it shouldn't result in much drama before she gets there. On arrival it turns out she traded last year's insanity and crazy friends in for some new types. Rather then a super-possesive boyfriend, her comic's artist is her roommate, but she has plenty of her own issues. And although she's kicking herself for it, Christie keeps hoping she's gonna run into the great guy she met last year. Will this year's con end up in shambles, or will Christie manage to make this convention without tons of drama?

This is by no means great lit, but it is highly entertaining! Cliches and convention horror stories come together and make for a read that makes it impossible not to laugh. Many of these incidents will strike a chord with readers, even if they haven't attended an anime convention. (I particularly loved the wall maps that read "Don't know where you are? Neither do we. Good luck!")

4 Stars


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