Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How Stella Got Her Groove Back by

42 year-old Stella is bored and tired of her job, her house, her friends, her whole life. So when her son goes to visit his father she decides on a whim to go on vacation to Jamaica. She wants to take a break from herself, and life's complications. She wants to dance, swim, tan and flirt without forming an attachment. But things get complicated when she falls for a guy half her age. She struggles with feeling that it is wrong to be with someone young enough to be her son, and desperately tries to fight her emotions off. But will she succeed, particularly when a handsome young man is trying to convince her not to?

I really enjoyed this story. I was a little apprehensive at first because, like Stella, I am not usually comfortable with romances with large differences in age between the two parties. However this is definitely a story about true love, not lust, and both age and discomfort about the age difference are just two more hurdles this couple have to figure out if they can get over. This book is not for those who want elaborate sex scenes and mushy declarations of undying love, both parties in this book are too sensible and the story is grounded in reality, not fantasy.

The only reason the book lost a star was because of the tendency of the author not to use punctuation when Stella was feeling emotional. Although this conveys the "stream of consciousness" feeling well, it made it very difficult to read. Right near the beginning there is a sentence that takes almost an entire page! I can see that scaring away a lot of readers.

4 Stars

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