Monday, August 30, 2010

Fast Ships, Black Sails by Various Authors

Do you like pirate stories? If so, you should read this. Even if you don't care for traditional piratical tales this might be worth a try, as not all of these are typical novellas. You've might get space pirates, living creatures as ships, enchanted puppets as crew members, and magical powers, plus the traditional sea monsters, peg legs, scars, swords and pistols.

This collection was very entertaining and the general quality of writing was very high. Plots could have used a bit more work - many stories felt squashed or like I was only getting a fragment of a whole story. These short story collections are a great option as we get into the new school year, as each tale can be read quickly and then the book put aside until later when you have time for another adventure. They are also excellent for finding new authors to try.

4 Stars


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