Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The First Part Last by Angela Johnson

Bobby was a classic city boy. He spent his time playing basketball, hanging with his friends, and trying not to get caught graffitiing. All that changes when his girlfriend Nia tells him that she's pregnant. Bobby is determined to do the right thing for his kid and his girl, but how does a 16 year old, who can't even figure out what to do with himself, figure out how to make those kinds of choices?

This short book is a very compelling read. It alternates between what happens after the baby, named Feather, is born and while Nia is pregnant. It doesn't come off preachy or as a morality tale of why teen pregnancy is evil. Bobby's no nonsense, "just the facts" attitude is conveyed well, but so is the fact that he really cares for his daughter and her mother.

4 Stars

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