Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Paradise Kiss: Vol. 2 by Ai Yazawa

Yukari is now definitely going to be a fashion model for Paradise Kiss. She is excited and happy, which surprises her. However, when her parents find out they forbid her to see any of her new friends. She tries to explain that it is the first time she has ever really cared about something, but it doesn't sway the adults. In a fit of anger, she runs away from home and decides to quit school. But where will a pretty teenage girl who has lived in a book-learning world go and what will she do with herself?

This book is interesting and hard to put down. Yazawa is a master of stories that explore characters discovering themselves as separate from social and parental expectations. The art is lovely, and the character design and costumes really stand out from crowds of cutesy little girls and bishie guys that populate most manga.

5 Stars


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