Monday, August 23, 2010

Stuck in Neutral by Terry Trueman

To most of the world Shawn is practically dead. He has been paralyzed since he was an infant and is unable to move any part of his body, he can't even control his eye movements. For all anyone knows he is brain-dead and that is what most people believe. But trapped inside his own body is a smart, sarcastic and witty teenage boy who's life may be in danger. His father feels that his son is suffering and is contemplating ending his son's life.

This was an interesting look at the issue of euthanasia and what can or should be done for people who are not able to communicate their own wishes. The writing was solid and the characters were interesting. The plot is rather slow moving to start, but picks up speed. This book is slim and a very fast read. I recommend to anyone who is interested in a book from an unusual point of view.

5 Stars


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