Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hellsing: Vol. 9 by Kohta Hirano


After Alucard and Anderson's epic battle comes to a bloody end, readers receive indisputable proof of the demise of a beloved character and the simultaneous introduction of a confusing new bad guy. The Hellsing Agency is going to step up to a new level of violence if they want anyone to come out this mess alive - or undead in a few character's cases.

This book has the typical lack of plot, but bored readers who skip chunks of the dark, crowded pages may be missing something. There is some interesting verbal sparring going on in this volume and even some signs that Alucard may actually have a personality. Shocking, I know!

If you have fought your way through the difficult going of previous volumes and found your interest flagging, this might be the book to revive some of your interest.

4 Stars


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