Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Murkmere by Patricia Elliott

Murkmere is a book set in a fantasy world fairly similar to late medieval Europe with the one large exception being that everyone worships birds, which are said to be omens of the future. It draws ideas from the legends of selkies and other shape-changers that are the features of so many fantasy books. The book's main character is Agnes Cotter, a girl drawn from her village to be the companion to the ward of the master of Murkmere, an estate owned by a noble of the nation in which the book takes place. Agnes struggles throughout the book to gain and keep the master's ward's friendship, yet believes her to be a danger to herself because the ward does not worship the birds, a blasphemous offense worthy of high punishment in the theocracy in which the book is set. Overall, Murkmere was a fairly good book, worth reading, although there are better books out there to spend your time on.

3 Stars


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