Monday, August 30, 2010

Interview With the Vampire by Anne Rice

Louis is a 200 year old vampire. He has lived many lives, known many people and other vampires, struggled with balancing his remaining human thoughts and tendencies with the necessities of vampiric life and seen history being made. Now he is going to share his story with the world.

I have to admit to being disappointed with this book. It is not that the plot or characters are poorly crafted, indeed, they are quite interesting. However I had a strong dislike for the writing in this book. It was extremely melodramatic and Rice clearly had an absurd love of wordy, overused, cliche terms and descriptions. When there were not enough ridiculous, but well known, terms already in the English language, she seemingly spliced them together, resulting in some completely foolish words when used as descriptions for vampires. (When Louis called himself a "supermortal" I groaned aloud and hit myself in the forehead with this book. Luckily it's not very large, so no harm was done.)

Having read Lestat, which is not a masterpiece but not bad either, I guess you can tell what an advantage 10 years of practice gives. I recommend those interested in Anne Rice's works skip this one and just start with Lestat. You don't need the torture.

2 Stars


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