Thursday, August 19, 2010

Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen

At age 7, Bryce met Julianna. For years now she has loved him, meanwhile he can't stand her. She wants to be friends (and maybe more), he just wants her to GO AWAY! Come 8th grade, as Bryce's attempts to chase her off finally seem to be working, he starts to wonder if maybe she isn't that bad - maybe he even likes her a bit. But at this point Julianna's had it with his attitude and trying so hard to get him to like her - maybe she's just going to walk away.

I only found this book mildly entertaining. I really didn't think much of Bryce, and I found his behavior very childish most of the time (more so than seemed realistic for his age). Julianna was a Mary Sue, the kind of perfect (yet out-there) girl that every tween girl thinks is cool and wonderful and wants to be. Yet she felt really flat and personality-less, like she was just a cardboard template for tween girls to put themselves into so they can imagine being her. (Face it, this book is not meant to be sold to guys!)

The concept is sound, and the writing is alright for tween chick- lit. It's just the lack of any interesting characters that made it frustrating. Every character in the book is a huge cliche.

3 Stars


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