Monday, August 9, 2010

Angel: After the Fall: Vol. 1 by Joss Whedon, Brian Lynch and Franco Urru

This comic picks up where the popular TV show Angel left off. The show ended with a last stand-style battle that we didn't get to see the result of. The result is not pretty. A good chunk of California has been relocated to Hell, some of our heros are dead and others not what they seem to be. Everyone is concentrating on staying alive, and worrying about saving the world is getting put off until a later date, which makes it a prime time for the forces of evil to make their move.

I knew not to expect too much from having looked at the Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics, but even then this was a disappointment. Mostly I keep wondering "Where's the plot? Surely they didn't forget to invent a plot?" Apparently they did.

The art is pretty wobbly too, I didn't even recognize some of the characters, I had to figure out who they were by looking for a place where someone addressed them by name. The line art is so messy and rough (it looks like a first draft, IMO) it is practically painful to look at, and the drawing of faces is so... blobby and misshapen. The characterizations are the only thing that worked out.

I was very irritated by the fact that a third of this slim book is drawings and a script for the comic of all ridiculous things. Talk about padding your book with filler!

Recommended for die-hard Angel fans only, no one else needs this torture.

2 Stars

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