Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Paradise Kiss: Vol. 1 by Ai Yazawa

Yukari's parents have always pushed her hard to study and go to a good college, and so that is what she does; she studies all the time. Even though she doesn't have a clue what she want to do with her life, she is determined to do what is considered useful.

But when an eccentric group of young fashion designers ask her to be their model for a school fashion show, she is forced to confront the idea that sometimes you have to make your own decisions- and your own mistakes- as well as figuring out that sometimes the people who seem very different from yourself can become people you care about.

This sweet shojo manga is very well drawn and the deceptively simple plot moves along at a smooth, quick pace. The characters are great, very realistic and interesting. This is very much character driven, and the emphasis is on the relationships (and not just romantic ones) between the characters. It is almost impossible to put this book down, so make sure you have time to read the whole thing!

5 Stars


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