Monday, August 2, 2010

Damage by A.M. Jenkins

Austin is a high-school football star, popular with the girls and has a mother who cares about him, even if she is a bit distracted. So why does his life seem so dreadful? Why is it so hard to drag himself out of bed in the morning? And why is the one girl who he thinks might be able to help him save himself ignoring him and playing hard to get?

This was a very realistic look at the kind of person who suffers from depression, but keeps fighting to hold onto a normal-looking life at the same time. As I have been one of those people, it encourages me to see to a teen-oriented book that deals with depression in a more realistic way then the books that involve someone coming visibly unhinged to their friends and family.

The writing was solid and smooth. The characters were real and gripping, with an unusual amount of depth for a story under 200 pages.

5 Stars

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