Monday, August 9, 2010

Hellsing: Vol. 8 by Kohta Hirano

Alucard returns to England, and is faced with not only the invading Nazi army but a crusade led by the Roman Catholic Vatican. He and the last few members of Hellsing are trying to figure out how to end this, when Father Alexander Anderson shows up and wants a showdown between himself and the famed vampire Alucard.

This volume is snooze-worthy until right near the end, when Anderson decides to take drastic measures against Alucard. That gets interesting, but we only see the very start of it, as most of the action will take place next book. The art in this volume is actually quite nice for Hirano. It is still too packed and jumbled, but the basic lineart and composition are improved. I do have to admit that this manga series makes the best use of heavier and lighter lineart I have seen.

2 Stars

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