Monday, August 9, 2010

Peeps by Scott Westerfeld

Peeps is not your average vampire novel. In it, vampirish behaviors are only symptoms for a parasite, which is transferred from person to person through saliva and close contact. Cal is one of these "peeps" (a shorter name for "parasite-positives") but instead of trying to get away from human society and feasting on random mortals he works for Night Watch, a secret non-government affair that catches and wrangles anything with the parasite and tries to treat it.

Cal is one day sent to his ex, Morgan's apartment in an attempt to track her down, where he meets Lace, a smart girl who regards Cal's actions a bit strange. She leads him to her apartment, which used to be Morgan's, and shows him the mysterious blood on the walls. Cal soon uncovers what he thinks is a new strain of peep... one that involves not only humans.

I thought that this book was intriguing and exciting! There were a lot of action scenes, and it had a bit of a science fiction edge. READ.

5 Stars

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