Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Declaration by Gemma Malley

The Declaration is a story about fifteen year old Anna. It takes place in the year 2140, after the drug Longevity was made. Before Longevity, people died of things called Cancer, Aids, and Heart Disease. But now, since everyone takes Longevity, people do not die from these diseases, not even old age. They live forever.

So the world is only occupied by old people. Once you take Longevity you can not have children, otherwise the world would be too crowded. But some people, despite this law, have children. These people are the illegals. If you have children, you are almost certainly going to be found by the Authorities (police). Once the Authorities find these people, the parents are sent to jail, where they are eventually released, and the children are brought to places like Grange Hall, or in other circumstances, they are killed.

This is what happens to Anna who is not killed but was sent to Grange Hall, which is in a town just outside London. Grange Hall is where illegally born children are taught that they are unimportant and unwanted, and should always obey the legal people, doing whatever they ask. They are there to serve, learning to cook, clean and do the sorts of work that others can’t be bothered to do. Anna has never seen the outside. She never gets to play like most children do. All she ever sees is the gray, barren walls of Grange Hall. In Grange Hall the children are not allowed to own things. The woman who owns Grange Hall is very cruel to the kids, and she beats them whenever they do something wrong.

One day, another boy, found by the Authorities, comes to Grange Hall. He tells Anna about the outside world. He tells her that he knows her parents. Peter says her parents want her to escape with him to the outside world. Anna has mixed feelings about leaving. She doesn’t believe Peter. The things that she was taught at Grange Hall have convinced her that she really is unwanted and worthless.

Will she leave with Peter? Well, you’ll have to read to find out.


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