Saturday, July 10, 2010

Future Diary: Vol. 1 by Sakae Esuno

Yukiteru has always kept a diary on his cellphone, but when a god who controls time starts a "game" it undergoes some massive changes! The game is kill or be killed, as each person involved must battle the others using their special future diaries that tell what will happen in short increments to track the others.

The last one alive becomes a god, and plenty of folks will literally kill for that kind of power.

I really found this quite boring. I simply couldn't like any of the characters and they seemed so thick about the possible uses and manipulations of the future diary! I kept thinking "Ooh! Try X, I bet it will do Y!" and the main characters just kept running around on foot, sobbing about how they're gonna die and not even slightly trying to accomplish anything useful.

If you enjoyed "The Hunger Games" you may want to consider giving this a go, however if you have read any sci-fi or other futuristic books or films you will likely be sorely disappointed by the seeming refusal to use the hugely useful tool they have been handed.

2 Stars

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