Monday, July 26, 2010

The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary by Jeff Kinney

 This book is about how a book turned into a movie.
It showed how hard the cast worked on this movie
while writing a book the minimum requirements are
a pad and a pencil while when someone decides to
turn it into a movie they need the whole cast
which has a minimum of 100 people, lots of money
to buy the props. design the setting  and buy the lights
so certain scenes can be shot at different times.
In the scene where Greg Heffley's brother was
having a talk with his "mom" when she found a
exually explicit magazine in his backpack it was
actually night time but the cast shined
flashlights into the window to make it look like
it's noon. When they had to show homes in scenes,
they used actual people's homes so it looks
realistic but the room designers had to design
each room according to each character's
personality. When they used shots of middle
school they used four different middle schools.
They used Shaughnessy Elementary School for their
exterior and court and Van-tech School was used
for it's gym and Templeton was used for it's
hallway, classrooms and auditorium. In the movie
they made it feel like one place, Westmore Middle
School. The graphic designers painted it on and
they made school mascots (Hornet)and a school

I thought it was amazing when you
compare the process of writing a book and turning
that book into a movie. You'll have to read the
whole book to see the other camera tricks they use
but I recommend it for anyone who is interested in
the movie business. Any age could read this book.
5 Stars

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