Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wilderness Champion by Joseph Lippincott

Wilderness Champion is about a red hound called Redy. He is on his way to a cottage in the middle of the Canadian wilderness when the crate his brothers and sisters are in falls of the packhorse’s saddle. John, the owner of the puppies, hears the crate breaking. He jumps off his horse’s back only to find puppies scattered everywhere. He puts all the puppies back in but can’t find the red one.

Later that night Redy, the lost puppy, is found and adopted by a large black wolf called King. He is one of the strongest, smartest wolves in the Canadian wilderness. He teaches Redy how to survive in the wild. Soon Redy becomes as powerful and as wise as the King.

The King and Redy hunt in the wild together and no animal gets in their way. The King and Redy fight gruesome battles together. They are the most powerful creatures in the Canadian wilderness. But soon Redy is taken by men away from the King. This is almost unbearable for the King and Redy. Over time Redy seems to love the man, but his heart is still with King. He wants to live with the wolf, but when he goes back he figures out something has happened to the King. His heart and love of hunting is crushed.

Wilderness Champion is like Call of The Wild but better. I just hate the ending. It’s so sad. But, this book is really full of action when Redy and King go hunting. It is one of my favorite books. I really think everyone should read it.

5 Stars

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