Monday, July 12, 2010

Spirit Walker by Michelle Paver

“The hunter wrenched his axe from his belt. Torak thought swiftly. If the axe found its mark, the auroch would be unstoppable. But if she was startled instead of wounded, maybe she would merely make a mock charge, and flee with her calf. He had to get her out of range of that axe, fast. Taking a deep breath, he jumped up and down waving his arms yelling “Over here! Over here!”

Spirit Walker is the second book in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness saga. At the end of the first book, Wolf Brother, Torak figures out that the demon bear wasn’t the only problem with the tribes.

“If you kill the bear . . . it won’t be the end . . . The Soul Eaters will come after you . . . You can run or you can fight. There’s always a choice . . . .”

There is a sickness going around the tribes killing everyone who gets it. One of Torak’s friends from the raven clan dies from this sickness. Torak ventures through forest from tribe to tribe and across the ocean just to find the cure, but he soon finds out there is no cure.

"Both of them looked at the bowl, but neither made a move to eat." Then Torak said “there is no cure.”

In this epic journey to find a cure to a sickness that doesn’t exist. Torak finds out about his past and who he really is. If there is no cure what will Torak have to do to stop the sickness, and how will he do it. There’s only one thing you can do to find that out. READ THE BOOK!

I think Spirit Walker is twice as good as Wolf Brother because it’s so mysterious. Wolf doesn’t have to do with much in the book only in the end.

5 Stars

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