Monday, July 19, 2010

How They Met and Other Stories by David Levithan

These stories are from a teen's point of view of a
first love and a first heartbreak (only some
stories) about both gay and straight people. The
book also showed how everyone should be accepting
about other people and that is a problem that both
children and adults have a problem with. For
example, one story called "The Alumni Interview"
is about a gay son's father who would never accept
the fact that his son is gay so the son keeps it a
secret and one day, his son's boyfriend gets
accepted into a college where his dad teaches. He
is called to have an interview at his house which
he accepts and while the interview is going on he
indirectly tells him that he's gay with the professor's son. The professor's son is
watching the whole interview through the peephole and when
he starts yelling at his boyfriend and comes out
and yells at his dad and directly looks him in the
eye and says everyone is not like you, some people
have different sexual orientation. What I like
about this story is that it relates to a lot of
families including mine with children who are
bisexual and some who are not but open-minded to
those who are, like me. So overall the book was
nice although I didn't like how the parent's in
this book were all the same type of personality.
What I mean is that I like books which have
slightly different genres in stories. I
would recommend this to people 13+ for sexual
content and crude language.

4 Stars


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