Monday, July 19, 2010

Hellsing:4 by Kohta Hirano

Caution! Spoilers for previous books in the series contained in the review! This volume begins with Alucard, Seras and Pip battling their way out of South America in order to return to England and confirm that the group of Nazis-turned-vampires are, in fact, the ones responsible for the recent attacks on the Hellsing Agency. We also get to meet the series apparent bad guys for more than momentary scenes, and get a first feel for the strengths and weaknesses of both sides.

Vol. 3 was an improvement, but this one slid back down the slope.  Moments where I care what is happening to the characters
are EXTREMELY sparse in this volume, and quite frankly the
whole "renegade Nazis" plot is overdone and simply not
interesting. The characters are in desperate need of some
character development, even just through interaction with other
characters. The artwork also got rather sloppy, and the panel
layout (which has never been strong) was very dull and had little
ability to "pull" the reader along into the plot. Pacing is still
wobbly and uneven.

3 Stars


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