Monday, July 12, 2010

Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver

"Someday,” he called, and his voice rang through the radiant air, “someday we will be together. We will hunt together…” his voice broke. “I promise. My brother, the wolf.”

Michelle Paver’s book takes place at a time when Europe was still wilderness and tribes of people shared many of the same beliefs. They believed everything had a spirit. People lived in clans named after animals. The clans back then were hunter-gatherers.

The book begins when the main character’s father, Fa, was killed by a bear possessed by a demon but luckily Torak escapes the bear. As his father is dying he tells Torak to find the Mountain of the World Spirit. Torak swears an oath to find the mountain or die trying.

“I need you-to swear something” said Fa.

Fa swallowed. “Head north. Many daywalks. Find the Mountain of the World Spirit.”

Torak stared at him. What?

His fathers eyes opened, and he gazed into the branches overhead, as if he saw things there that no one else could. “Find it” he said again, ”it’s the only hope.”

“But-no one’s ever found it. No one can.”

“You can.”

“How? I don’t… .”

"Your guide will find you.”

Who would have known that Torak’s guide is a wolf! Torak ventures north to the mountain as he promised. He gets in trouble with the Raven Clan for killing some of their game. A girl in the tribe, Renn figures out that he is The Listener. Torak is bewildered. He thinks he is not The Listener, but he soon figures out that he is. It is his job for all the Clans to find all three Nanuaks, three holy items, and take them to the mountain and ask the World Spirit to help him fight the bear.

On Torak’s adventure to the mountain he finds himself encountering different problems the whole time. Along the way Torak has to hunt. Luckily the whole time he hunts side by side with a wolf and a girl.

When I read this book I really enjoyed it. My favorite character is Wolf. I can’t wait to read the next adventure, Spirit Walker in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness.

5 Stars

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