Monday, July 12, 2010

White water, Still water by J. Allan Bosworth

Chris kept his raft hidden among the reeds on the bank of the fast flowing river. He hadn’t told his parents about his wonderful secret, because he knew they would object. He would lie on his rickety raft and dream about all the distant towns and cities to which he wanted to travel. These places in his imagination were far away from his family’s isolated cottage in the mountains.

Late one fall afternoon, as Chris was entranced in his daydreaming, the raft slipped out of the shallows and into the dark raging rapids of the river. Chris held on for his life, as the raft tumbled against rocks, through the churning river, past miles of rugged wilderness to the south. The bindings of wire and old rope were snapping and straining. Chris’s raft was rapidly breaking apart.

He finally managed to swim his way to shore, but he had many miles of rugged wilderness ahead of him, full of grizzlies, mountain lions and many other threats. Barefoot and equipped with nothing but a broken pocket knife, Chris had to find his way home before the harsh winter arrived in the mountains.

Will Chris ever find his way?

This book is full of excitement, and you actually learn some useful survival skills along the way.

5 Stars

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  1. I read this book 40 years ago, and still remember it well. Highly recommended for ages 8-15 or so.