Monday, July 26, 2010

Medicine War by Robert J. Conley

 George was taught medicine by his grandfather long ago, and he
has always used it help others. But, when a stranger turns up on
the Reservation and starts using bad medicine to hurt people and make trouble, George decides he has to fight back. When he kills a white man in a fight after the fellow tried to steal his prize horse, George must go on the run from the US government while still trying to protect his friends and neighbors from an unknown attacker.

This was a very interesting story, and a definite page-turner. I
found most of the characters interesting and the creative ways
that George eludes the Government were entertaining to read. I
eally liked the character interaction and dialogue, they felt very

My one complaint was that both the Native Americans and the US
troops and government were rather stereotyped.

5 Stars

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