Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nation by Terry Pratchett

When Mau returns from the mountain to find his village wiped out from a title wave, he is devastated. He runs down to the beach and finds the rubble where his village once stood. Bodies litter the ground; no one is left alive on his island but him. Mau is left with no hope until he finds the shipwreck of The Sweet Judy. The boat was thrown up with the title wave and smashed into the island’s jungle. As Mau searches the wreck of the ship he finds strange, dead “trousermen,” people with skin like ghosts. He also finds a girl, still alive, named Daphne. Together they must survive alone, and rebuild the damaged nation that was one alive on the island.

The book, Nation, by Terry Pratchett, takes place on an island in the Pacific in the 1800's. It’s a great story about two totally different people, cooperating to survive, rebuild a nation, fight off cannibals and uncover the island’s secret.

Terry Pratchett’s books have sold more than fifty million copies worldwide including the Jonny Maxwell series. I don’t recommend this book to anyone younger than seventh grade. The reading level is fairly advanced. I was really surprised at how good the book was once I got into it.

Give it a try.

5 Stars

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