Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Snakehead by Anthony Horowitz

“Alex could feel the sharp plastic biting into his leg as he bumped over the next lot of rapids in his makeshift canoe. He could taste blood. Then his heart almost skipped a beat as he saw what lay ahead, the falls!”

In Anthony Horowitz’s seventh book Snakehead, a fourteen year old spy named Alex Rider is working undercover for the Australian Secret Service. Alex’s parents died mysteriously when he was young; he was raised by his uncle who trained Alex to be a spy without him knowing. Alex’s current mission is to spy on a criminal organization called Snakehead. During his mission he meets Ash, his godfather. Only Ash holds the key to unlocking Alex’s past.

But when Alex finds a British bomb on a Snakehead ship carrying illegal immigrants, he finds himself in a lot more trouble than he asked for.

I recommend this book to all mystery lovers from the fifth grade up.

4 Stars

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