Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fire Bringer by

This book is mainly about a prophecy of a oak leaf upon the head of a fawn. That fawn, called Rannoch, would go up against Sgorr, the evil ruler trying to claim the great lands of Scotland, and save the land and its loyal inhabitants. Rannoch was born the day his father died and since that day he's been on the run. For safety reasons his mother Eloin gave him to Bracken a different birth mother because she was to be killed. Rannoch and a small group of deer go on a journey; some die, some join and some get lost on their way but in the end he comes face to face with Sgorr.

Read this book to find out what happens to Rannoch! This book was unbelievably good. It described the land very well and told what each character was thinking in great depth.

5 Stars

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