Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

In this book Bella, now a senior celebrates her 18th birthday at the Cullen's house. During the party Bella gives herself a paper cut and Jasper is overwhelmed. Edward fights off Jasper and Bella gets hurt(this was exactly what Edward didnt want happening). After this event Edward says goodbye to Bella and tells her some lies about how he wanted to leave her and The Cullens leave Forks. Bella is heart-broken and depressed and almost had to move in with her mother until her friendship with Jacob grows again. Sometime later in the book Edward thought Bella comitted suicide because of Alice's visions and he goes to Italy to provoke the Volturi for a quick death. Bella and Alice go to Italy and try to stop him before he exposes himself in sunlight to the regular people.

i thought this book was a bit dissapointing.There was lots of suspense and waiting.

3 Stars

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