Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pendragon: The Lost City Of Faar by D.J. MacHale

The Pendragon adventure continues in a water-filled territory of Halla called Cloral. In this book Bobby and his Uncle Press meet Spader, the new traveler of Cloral. They tell him more about what being a traveler means. Suddenly, Saint Dane plans for the turning point of Cloral emerges. Saint Dane is poisoning the food on Cloral which could lead to thousands of deaths. Spader, Uncle Press and Bobby put together a map using one piece from Spader's dead father and the other from Spader's mother's house, but Saint Dane takes it, so from memory they find the under water city of Faar.

I liked this book because it was filled with tons of adventure and it had a good plot. You should read it to find out what happens to the territory of Cloral!

4 Stars

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